Tequila/Mezcal Cocktail Recipes

Mezcal Paloma

When people think of Tequila cocktails, their first thought is the margarita. but in mexico, the homeland of tequila, its the Paloma that takes the number one spot...

The Free Pour Margarita

A Margarita recipe we hold close to our hearts. If you was only going to have one margarita. THIS has to be the one. Check out the recipe here...

Mango And Coconut Margarita

Ahh, Who doesn't love a good margarita. and what makes a good margarita? Thats for you to decide, check out our recipe for this one here...

Margarita Garden

A floral twist on a margarita. We're Taking them garden fresh feels & putting them right into one of the worlds most popular cocktails. See the recipe here

Mezcal Mule

Inspired by the infamous classic, the Moscow Mule. Check out the recipe here...

Mezcal & Tequila Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe Photo

Mezcal & Tequila Old Fashioned

With its distinctive smokey flavour. Mezcal makes for a interesting replacement for Bourbon in an Old Fashioned Cocktail recipe.

Cupids margarita cocktail photo

Cupids Margarita

the tart, sour addition of the hibiscus makes for an interesting flavour twist on the classic margarita.

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