Tepache is not something that’s popular around my area. In fact I had no idea what it even was till a few months ago. But in mexico, you’ll find this drink being served across many of street vendors from 30 gallon drums. Tepache is a refreshing Mexican fermented drink. Its made by fermenting pineapple rinds with brown sugar and spices. Its low alcohol, about 2% ABV. The reason i’m even mentioning tepache is because of what you can do with it in your cocktails. Once you’ve fermented your tepache you can serve it up with a shot of tequila, Shake it with rum, use it to top drinks with, oh and tiki drinks, fermented pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon is the easiest way to up your Tiki cocktail game. I find it shocking that their isn’t any Tiki bars around me that are taking advantage of this. Neither do the mexican bars which is even more of a shock.

Tepache Recipe


1) 1 Pineapple 

2) 1 litre of cold water

3) 100 grams of brown sugar (piloncillo if you can get it)

4) 1 Cinnamon stick

Tepache Method

Step 1) Combine the water and sugar, stir till the sugar has dissolved. This may be easier if you heat the mixture up on a hob.

Step 2) Cut the top and bottom of the pineapple, Then cut into 1 inch chunks. Add this to the water mixture.

Step 3) Add the cinnamon stick.

Step 4) Cover mixture with a cheese cloth or towel. We want to stop bacteria from getting to the mix but allow it to breath. If we sealed it completely, the gas that builds up once fermenting will have no where to escape and when you do open it, you’ll lose half your mix to the ceiling when it explodes. If you want to go the extra mile, its best if you buy a airlock and use that. It will allow air to escape but nothing to get in. there pretty cheap, you can get them from Ebay or amazon, Wilko sell them for around £2

tepache photo

Step 5) After 2 days a white foam should cover the top of the mix, This means its fermenting. You can scoop that of and bottle it or wait another day. I normally let it ferment for 3 days because i like it to be abit more on the sparkling side. Don’t let it ferment for to long though, you’ll lose sweetness and gain alcohol, it’ll end up being more of a beer then a refreshing soda. Between 2 and 4 days is your window. Once ready fine strain into a bottle and refrigerate. Mix up in a cocktail or serve over ice.

Helpful Equipment

I got my pair of 5 Litre Glass Demi-Johns Each with 2 Rubber Bungs and Airlock from amazon and they are yet to let me down. 

I’ve posted some other helpful products below that would help you out with not just fermenting Tepache, but fermenting anything

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