Sweet Heart

We all love going to the shop when we were all younger and picking out our favourite sweets, or begging your mum/dad for them. Well we want everyone to have major flash backs with this cocktail and be begging your bartender for another! top tip, nostalgia can affect the way your brain decides if something tastes nice or not. Its why know matter how much your taste buds evolve you might still have a soft spot for that one brand of really cheap beer you use to drink when you were younger.


  • 50 ML Bubble Gum Vodka See Recipe Below
  • 10 ML Grenadine Syrup
  • 25 ML Double Cream
  • 25 ML Milk


  • Time to shake that bootay! No. but place all the ingredient into a shaker and shake with cubed ice till cold to touch.
  • Fine strain into a chilled coupe.
  • Garnish with your favourite sweets. we rimed the glass with white chocolate and hundreds and thousands.

How To Make The Bubblegum Vodka

  • Add pieces of bubblegum to a bottle of Vodka.
  • allow to infuse and Shake periodically.
  • Taste every hour till preferred bubblegumness, then strain out the bubblegum pieces.

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Sweet Heart
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