Smoking And Aromatizing

What Is It?

Aroma, its a big part of what builds a flavour profile in our minds. Science stuff aside, what it basically means is. If something smells horrible, even if the actual taste is quite nice. We most likely will not like it. So getting your cocktail to smell nice is a big part of creating the perfect cocktail. For the most part, The smell we want is already there. When we garnish a cocktail via for example, mint sprigs. Not only does that make the drink aesthetically look better. But it adds the aroma of mint. But sometimes our cocktails need a little lift in the aroma department. There are many ways to do this, and each way has a different affect. If you zest an orange peel over the top of your finished drink not only will it perfume the drink and make it smell nice, it will add a subtle orange taste. So not only can you perfume a drink to improve the aroma, but you can also do it to lift some of the harder to taste notes of the drink to the forefront of your palette. So lets delve into the different ways to aromatize a drink

Citrus Zest

The easiest and most popular way to add aroma is via the zest of a fruit peel. Simply peel your fruit of choice. Squeeze it over your cocktail to express the essential oils and essences of the fruit.

Rub the pee around the rim of the glass so its the first thing they taste, Rub the peel on the side of the glass or stem so they touch it.

For that extra flair you can express the oils of the peel over a flame, setting them alight, Do this with an orange peel and the burnt orange aroma over your drink will make for a interesting aroma


Infusing A Cocktail With Smoke

Infusing a cocktail with smoke is a great way to get that smoky flavour to your drink and to add another layer of complex flavour. The first thing you will need is a smoking gun, which you can pick up fairly cheap on Ebay or Amazon. Once you have your smoking gun you will need to consider what it is you’re going to smoke. You could use dried herbs, teas or wood. When it comes to wood, Hickory is robust with a strong bacon-like flavour, and is the most popular smoking wood. Applewood is a sweat tasting smoke, and oak is a heavy smoky flavour.

The best way to infuse your cocktail with smoke is to first make your cocktail, then strain it into a decanter. Fill the decanter with your smoke of choice using the smoking gun. Once the decanter is full with smoke, cover the top. swirl the cocktail around in the decanter and leave for a minute or two to allow it to infuse. Then pour your cocktail into a glass.

Smoking A Cocktail Glass

Smoking the cocktail glass is a technique you can use if you don’t have a smoking gun. Simply burn some wood chips, herbs or tea atop a peace of wood or heat proof plate, and once smoking, cover with your glass. You will need to leave it to infuse, it will take about the same time it’ll take for you to make whatever cocktail is going in the glass. Once the cocktail is made, remove the glass and it should have the aroma of smoke. 

Smoking The Whole Cocktail And Presentation

To smoke everything you will need a bell jar to cover the whole drink. Or if you’re like me and accidentally dropped and smashed your bell jar. a big jar that will work just as well but not look as good. 

Make your cocktail and cover with a bell jar. Lift the jar slightly so you can fit the tube from your smoking gun into it. Use the smoking gun to fill the jar with smoke, then remove the tube and cover completely. This will not only infuse the drink but surround the whole cocktail, garnish and glass with the aroma of smoke. The best part of this technique is the presentation. Basically. It looks really cool when you lift the jar and reveal the cocktail surrounded by a cloud of smoke.

If you don’t want to add the smoke flavour to the cocktail itself, but still want the aroma of smoke. You can opt for simply smoking the garnish, this works perfectly with herb garnishes such as rosemary.

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