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Do you have a cocktail that you’ve created which you want to be featured on Easysipping? Perfect, because we are now accepting cocktail submissions.

For the longest time, Easysipping has been a place to for me to share tips, flavour combinations and techniques to create the perfect cocktail.

Throughout this journey, i have shared dozens of my own cocktail creations. However, things are changing. Easysipping has grown into a platform for the humble cocktail enthusiast and now, i want to share that platform with you!

I want to do that by sharing your cocktail recipes with the drinks world. So if you have a cocktail with an interesting story, or a cocktail that’s so tasty it just has to be enjoyed by the masses, then send it to us. We want to know, taste and share your cocktail recipes.

So if you’re wondering how to submit your cocktails then wonder no more. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

How to submit your cocktail

To have you recipe featured on the webstie all you need to do is submit your recipe and bio to Below is the full list on how to do this.

Step one

Email your cocktail to easysipping with the subject line “Cocktail Submission”

Step Two

Email body. Within the body of the email, include these things;

Cocktail name


Recipe for homemade ingredients if any are used

Cocktail story. How did you come up with this cocktail? What’s the story behind it? Everything you want people to know about the cocktail mention it here.

Creator information: Want credit for your creation? Include your details here. What your name is, where you’re from, if you work in a bar, which bar you work in and where it is. Your social media links.

Cocktail Photos

Don’t forget to upload photos of your cocktail for us to share along side your recipe.

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Photos need to be of a high quality. So no badly lit blurry cocktails please. However, don’t threat. They don’t need to be professional photos by no means. If you would life advice on taking better cocktail photos from home, check out this post on how to take better cocktail photos from your smart phone.

Getting your cocktail submissions posted

After your email is sent, we will read through your submission and respond to whether or not your cocktail has been accepted. If successful, once the cocktail is live on the website you will receive a second email confirming so.

Helpful resources

Need some help with your cocktail creations, below are a few resources to help you.

figure out which ingredients pair well with others using this Flavour guide

Utilise your cocktail making techniques with these mixology techniques.

take better cocktail photos using these tips and tricks to taking better cocktail photos


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