Grapefruit Pina Colada

The Pina colada is a staple of any holiday cocktail. But we all know how it goes with a pina colada, we all like getting caught in the rain and we’re all into yoga. the piña colada, was born in Puerto Rico, in the hotel Caribe Hilton, it was around 1950 it was invented and its stayed strong ever since. Its popularity is proof of its deliciousness. We would be ludicrous to NOT make a easy sipping twist or two.


  • 50 ML White Rum
  • 15 ML Cherry Heering
  • 25 ML Cream Of Coconut
  • 30 ML Pink Grapefruit Juice
  • 1 Pinch Cinnamon Powder


  • Add all ingredients to blender with 1 cup of cubed ice.
  • Blend till smooth.
  • Pour into chilled wine goblet or coupe.
  • Garnish with pineapple leaves as a nod to the classic, and a dehydrated pink grapefruit wheel. Check out our helpful article on dehydration here


Don Q rum was supposedly used in the original Pina Colada. Use that if you want to keep things OG
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