Looking for a food photography book to help hone your food photography skills?

I’ve written a comprehensive book on food photography in a easy to understand format with example photos and all my food photography tips and tricks.

Throughout this book, I will share my tips and tricks on creating the perfect food photos on a budget. If you’re a budding food photographer with a camera at hand, these tips will help vastly improve your food photography. And although having a DSLR camerais a big help, you can apply these tips with your smartphone camera alone. 

So, if you’re taking photos on your smartphone and are here to pick up some tricks to better your photography. You can certainly do that. If you have a professional camera and are looking for tips to help you turn your hobby into a career, You can certainly do that too. Don’t be discouraged by not having a professional camera or professional equipment. This is a basic guide, an introduction to food photography which will help you at whatever level you’re at.

You can find more information over on my other food and drink website Smartblend by clicking here

Snapshots of the food photography book.

Snapshot from the food photography book
Snapshot from the food photography book
Snapshot from the food photography book

Reasons to buy this food photography book

  • If you’re a budding food photographer, restaurant owner or manager, food blogger or chef. Taking appealing photos is a must.
  • Visuals are important for Online and social media due to the fact that people engage more with photos then they do words. So having high quality photos will show your brand in the best light.
  • Visuals are important for creating a high quality brand identity.
  • If you’re a chef or home cook, having a archive of your recipes and bakes is great for your cooking development

Bought the book?

Have you purchased this food photography book? I would love to know what you think! Rate, review it or simply comment below. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I will use the best reviews as testimonials if you agree to being on this website and Smartblend.


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