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How to use the flavour pairing guide

When developing cocktail recipes, it can be difficult to find flavours that work well together. You can use our guide below to help find them complimentary flavours. Generally, you want to try and combine 2 flavours, then use hints of supporting flavours to enhance your main flavours. But this is a creative place, so why not get experimental! I mean hey, you might just stumble across the next Pina colada! And although I have put this together for the purpose of mixology. You can also use the guide to help with flavour combinations in baking or cooking.

We are constantly updating the flavour guide, so if what you’re looking for isn’t here, check back later or drop us an email.

Use the “Skip To” section to skip to the pairings you want. anything that isn’t a fruit, nut, herb, or spice should be found in the misc section.

Each section has a search bit at the top right hand side, so you can skip straight to the flavour you want. Use the drop down button next to the magnifying glass, to check the sections in which you want to find that ingredient.

Top tip: When you’ve picked your perfect flavour combination, think about the different ways you can apply it. For example. So, you like the sound of strawberry and mint? Want a sweet cocktail, try a strawberry and mint syrup. Want something more savoury, try infusing gin with strawberries, or using mint bitters.

Picking the flavours is easy, the fun part comes when you start deciding how you’re going to use them.

108 Flavour Pairings And Counting

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