Flash Infusion

What Is Flash Infusion?

Flash infusion is a way of infusing spirits with a flavour in mere minutes. Maceration is the go to for most bartenders when it comes to infusions but sometimes you just dont have the time to wait weeks for your infusions. All you need for this technique is a  cream-whipper and some gas chargers (N20) 

How To Do It

combine aromatic solids, such as herbs, spices and fruit, and a liquid such as alcohol, oil, water, vinegar or a cocktail in a Cream-whipper. By applying pressure into the Whipper using an N2O charger, the flavor of the solids becomes infused into the liquid. The pressure in the cream whipper forces the alcohol into the cell walls of the flavouring agents. When the bottle is then depressurised, the alcohol rushes back out again, and it carries those flavors with it.

Flash Infusion Recipes

Flash Infused Rosemary Gin Recipe

1) Add 5 Sprigs of rosemary to the Cream whipper

2) Add 250ML of gin

3) Screw the top on and charge with a N2O cartridge, Shake well

4) Add a second N2O Charger and Shake again

5) Point Cream whipper upside down into a tall glass and press the release trigger. Fine strain mix into a bottle.

6) Make sure you release all the gas before unscrewing cream-whipper

Flash Infused Grapefruit Vodka Recipe

1) Follow the same guide as above but with the peels of one whole grapefruit, and 250ML of Vodka

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