Five Past Eight

When some people think of Christmas snacks, they think of celebrations, or quality streets. Me? its all about After Eights. This mint chocolate treat adorns every Christmas dinner table where im from (If you're American this is probably aload of gibberish, do you guys even have quality streets?) Anyway, I couldn't put together a Christmas cocktail list without making a After Eight inspired cocktail. I've made sure whatever bar im working in has this cocktail on there Christmas menu and it always bodes well with the customers who have one.


  • 30 ML Vanilla Vodka
  • 15 ML Mint Liqueur
  • 22.5 ML Dark Chocolate Liqueur
  • 25 ML Espresso
  • 15 ML Caramel Syrup
  • 1 Dash Mint Bitters


  • Add all ingredients to a shaker with cubed ice
  • Shake the living hell out of it
  • Strain into a double rocks, over cubed ice
  • Garnish with whip cream, a Christmas bow. And a coffee bean grating/cocoa powder dusting over the whip cream

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