Why use eggs in cocktails?

Eggs add many variables to a cocktail depending on how you use them. Egg whites do nothing for the flavour but add a rich, silky, texture, aswell as adding a airy white foam. It does wonders for the over all mouth-feel. Yolks, not often used alone, add to the flavour in such a way as a eggnog. Together, they can add that rich egg flavour, with a silky mouth-feel and pillow like foam.

Egg Safety For Cocktails

Eggs can be a carrier of salmonella, its a serious thing. So before mixing a raw egg in a drink you need to be clued up on the safety side of things. Don’t get things twisted. hundreds of people drink egg cocktails daily without even realising they are doing it. Bars have been using eggs for foams and texture for a very long time. The last thing i want is to scare you of using eggs. They are very versatile. Just make sure you do your safety checks and everything should be fine.

1) Always crack the egg into a separate glass, then pour it into your mixing glass. Not only does this ensure you get no egg shell in your drink. you can check the egg out. if it looks in anyway bad, throw it.

2) Try avoid mocktails. The alcohol helps kill any bad bacteria

3) If you don’t know the best before date, don’t use it

Egg White In Cocktails

Egg white. Its going to give you the perfect foam but only after you work for it. You really have to shake that cocktail! It goes without saying, Egg white is most likely a very different viscosity to which ever other ingredients you’re using. So to combine the two, you need to put some force into that shake. You really want to emulsify the mix and produce more aeration. The best way to do this without over diluting your drink is to “Dry shake” first, Which just means to shake without ice. That way you can get the mix frothy before adding ice and shaking again. If you really struggle with getting a good foam atop your cocktail. a good tip is to to add something to your shaker whilst dry shaking. Such as the spring from a strainer. Something to help bang around in the shaker and aerate the mix more, in such the same way a whisk would. 

Egg Yolk In Cocktails

Using egg yolk will give your drink a egg like flavour, These are usually referred to as “nogs” The best example of the affect egg yolks have in cocktails, is the Christmas favourite, Eggnog. 

Click here for our Eggnog recipe so you can see a example of how to add egg yolks to a drink.

Whole Eggs In Cocktails

Whole eggs add both the silky texture and foam to a drink, aswell as the egg like flavour. These cocktails are referred to as “Flips” The flip has been around for a very long time. In the 1600s English sailors would mix local ale, molasses, rum, and eggs in a pitcher. Taverns would use “Flip-dogs” A hot rod to stir and heat up the frothy beer egg cocktail. 

Check out our Scandinavian flip recipe here

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