Dusting And Powders

No this Is not a how to guide on keeping your house clean, in a way it is quite the opposite. This is a how to on dusting for garnishes and aesthetics (keep in mind you may have to dust up after)

What Is It?

So dusting is a great way to give an extra special finish to a cocktail or meal, whether you’re dusting your freshly made French toast with powdered sugar or dusting some cocoa-powder over a plant pot cocktail to make it appear as dirt. Dusting is a great dynamic when expressing your imaginative side, we use it a lot in our cocktails. From dusting a glass to dusting the rim of a glass with some extra flavour. Its not all for aesthetics though, dusting a foam will add aroma when someone goes to sip that cocktail. When you dust a side of a glass, and someone picks that glass up, the powder will get on there fingers, they can eat that, smell that, it adds to the drinking experience. and above all… It looks cool

When we dust a glass or rim of a cocktail we try and use that to add the last little bit of flavour we can. For example, we made an orange salt for our margarita, this was to enhance the flavour of the orange liqueur. Use it in whatever way you seem fit, for an aroma or an added flavour.

How To Make Cocktail Dust/Flakes/Powders

One method to making dust is one we use rather a lot, that is to dehydrate some fruit until it is bone dry and brittle (see the dehydration technique for more) and then we blend it up until it turns to a powder. You can use this for anything from flavouring a curry with some dried lime or mixing a flaked fruit into some salt to create a flavoured salt. This method can even be used in making a flavoured sugar i.e. vanilla in sugar gives you vanilla flavoured sugar for that little extra in your Brule

When making flakes it’s a similar process, but blend it slightly, this will break up whatever dried herb, fruit you want to use and give it a sprinkle in whatever you’re cooking or over a cocktail.

Examples Of Uses

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