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Chamomile tea and Gin. A combination made in heaven. Truth be told so is any tea and Gin. Try getting experimental and trying this same recipe with different tea syrups. Simply follow the chamomile tea syrup recipe below but change the chamomile tea, to whatever tea you want to try.


  • 50 ML London dry gin Beefeater 24 works best
  • 30 ML Chamomile tea Syrup See notes for recipe
  • 25 ML Lemon juice
  • 1 Whole Egg white


  • Mix all ingredients together, Dry shake (without ice) till Frothy
  • Add ice to shaker, shake for further 10 seconds
  • Fine strain into tea cup
  • Garnish with edible flowers and chamomile tea sprinkled over the foam


How to make Chamomile tea syrup

Its as simple as making a cup of chamomile tea, then adding equal parts sugar. you can literally make this in your favourite tea cup. however, just in case you need my exact personally recipe for 700ML of the stuff, I've left it below.

  1. In a pan, boil 700ML of water, on a hob, with 5 Chamomile tea bags
  2. Stir in 500Grams of caster sugar
  3. Once sugar has dissolved take of heat, pour into a bottle of your liking, and refrigerate
Top tip: This should be good for 1 week or so, but if you mix in a little, maybe 10ML of Vodka, it'll last 3 times that time.  
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