Cabin Collins

The Tom Collins, Traditionally made with Old Tom Gin, sugar and lime. 
Fun fact: The drink came from "The Great Tom Collins Hoax" of 1874. It started as a lame prank, One man would say to another "Have you heard of Tom Collins? I was at the bar just 30 minutes gone, he has been telling people you borrow money and never give it back, that you owe bills, that you're a dastardly rapscallion" This would anger the second man, who would then storm into the bar asking where he can find this Tom Collins. it was so popular of a joke that even the newspapers of the times would get involve, claiming to have sightings of this Tom Collins fella. This was 1874 after all, and people needed to keep themselves entertained. in this day and age, you would just do a quick social media search of this person before figuring out its a prank. Anyway, before long, a bartender, smartly, named his drink Tom Collins, so when people came into his bar asking for Tom Collins, they would get a long refreshing drink instead. 
Heres our twist...


  • 50 ML London Dry Gin
  • 22.5 ML Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 22.5 ML Peach Syrup See recipe below
  • 8-10 Leaves Fresh Mint
  • Top Soda water


  • Shake the Gin, Lemon juice and Peach syrup with ice.
  • In a Collins glass, add the mint, then top with cubed ice.
  • Pour the shaken mix over the ice.
  • Top with soda, and give a light stir..
  • Garnish with Mint sprigs

How To Make The Peach Syrup

  • In a pan, on a hob, Bring 500ML of water, and 500ML of sugar to a boil.
  • Add 3 Sliced, fresh, ripe peaches.
  • Reduce to simmer after sugar has dissolved .
  • Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Fine strain into a bottle and refrigerate .
  • Enjoy!


We came up with this cocktail awhile back, when we went on a cabin getaway with our other half's. You see, we wanted a cocktail we could easily make. something we could enjoy whilst sat in our cabin looking out into the forest, something we could enjoy in our balcony hot tub, to keep us refreshed, something we could have 10 of without getting sick of it. It was also important for us that it be easy to re-create. So that anytime we got nostalgic about the cabin, we could ask for a cabin Collins at any cocktail bar and they would have the ingredients to be able to make one for us

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