Brandy Cocktail Recipes

Cameron's Remedy

This is a digestif styled cocktail, great for after a meal, if your bloated or got a stomach ache. But more to the point it works wonders for curing a hangover!

Law Abiding Cinnamon

A boozy hot chocolate Cocktail. What more must I say? That's right, nothing. Get the recipe here...

Christmas Spirit

A cocktail recipe in the form of a Christmas poem. How sweet i know, click to see...

The After Shock

Inspired by the golden age of Paris and the famous French artist of this time, Henri De toulouse-lautrec. Check out the recipe here...

Easy Sipping Eggnog

Eggnog is one of them “love it or hate it” types of drinks, with a distinct boozy egg yolk taste, theirs no in-between. But you'll never know till you try it...

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