Valentine’s day cocktails don’t have to be difficult or time consuming. They dont have to take hours of prep and searching around shops to find all the necessary ingredients. They can be easy and quick to make following the right recipe, they can be just as romantic as a home cooked dinner. With accessible and easy to find ingredients. Heck, some of the best valentine’s day cocktail recipes i’ve made have consisted of 2 ingredients.

Valentine’s day comes but once a year. And if you’re wanting to make that day extra special for that extra special person (Even if that extra special person is yourself) A cocktail can go a long way to making that happen. Normally valentines’ drinks consist of Wine, Prosecco, and for the lonelier people. A heavy dose of Vodka. However, putting in the effort to whip up a cocktail for your better half can make for a cute and fairly cheap night in. If you’re thinking about whipping up a home cooked meal, don’t skim on the drinks and grab a bottle of red. Go for a cocktail and really up your valentine’s day game.

What makes a valentine’s day cocktail?

Its not like you can pour love into a drink and call it a valentine’s day cocktail. So what can you do? There are 3 different aspects to crafting the perfect romantic cocktail.


The colour of a drink can impact not just how you feel, but the flavour aswell. Its something we don’t think about much but has its subtle affects. I mean think about it. A murky brown/green cocktail probably wouldn’t be something you consider with tasty. So try to think about this next time you’re crafting your cocktail. Ask yourself, what emotion do I want to get across, what story do I want to tell? Do I want people to feel like there on a beach in the Caribbean? Or a English garden in spring?

When it comes to Valentines day, them colours need to promote passion and love.

Red – Red is associated with love, warmth, and comfort. It’s a strong, intense colour. You can use it both to evoke anger and death, or love and passion. It all depends on the contexts. Its exciting and energetic.

Purple – Purple is a royal colour. Its regal and soothing. Use a darker purple to signify luxury and passion and lighter purples such as lavender to signify grace and elegance.

Pink – Pink is essentially a light red and is usually associated with love and romance. Pink is thought to have a calming effect.


When it we are talking romance and ingredients. it’s all about aphrodisiacs, foods that stimulate libido and get the blood flowing, such as chocolate. But also comfort ingredients. These are ingredients that make you feel relaxed such as lavender or chamomile. Below is a list of such ingredients you can use.









Red wine







Cocktail Name

The best way to get the theme of your cocktail across is the name. Simply put, you can add all the romantic ingredients together that you can think of, add all that to a love heart shaped glass with the aroma of romance, but name the drink “The I hate you martini” and its not going to scream love. Get it? if its a local themed cocktail, name it something to represent that. A pirate cocktail? give it a pirate name, something sea related and of course, a valentines day cocktail, name it something romantic.

Valentine’s Day Prosecco cocktails

The thing about making valentine’s day cocktails is, you want a bit of variety, and well, quantity. A cocktail before dinner, one during, something for after. You know how it is, one just won’t cut it. When you’re making a romantic dinner, yes, one plate is enough. Maybe you throw in a dessert too. But making a single cocktail, handing it over to your date or significant other and saying “their, drink that but enjoy it because it’s the only one you’re getting” just won’t cut it. So, variety is good and it’s good to mix them cocktails up.

But I get it, buying all the ingredients for a variety of different cocktails, then actually making them can be a bit much. But not to worry. There’re two things you can do. One thing is to pre-batch the cocktails to save time, or you could simplify things by having a variety of different cocktail options using the same base ingredient. When we are talking about romance and valentine’s day that ingredient must be non-other then Prosecco.

Get Creative

The easiest yet tastiest romantic cocktail I know is fruit syrup with prosecco. Grab a flute glass, pour in 25 millilitres of some kind of fruit flavoured syrup, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, whatever you prefer. Then top it up with prosecco. Tasty and quick, and nothing says romance like bubbles. Especially if you think about presentation. Making the syrup is easy and shows you’ve actually put some effort into it. Recipes change depending on what fruit you’re trying to make a syrup out of. But my basic rule of thumb goes like so…

In a pan pour equal parts sugar and water. Let’s say, 500 millilitres of water and 500 grams of sugar. Stir on medium heat till the sugar has dissolved Grab a hand full of cut up fruit and dump it in. bring to a boil then simmer for 5-10 minutes. Strain into a bottle. Job done.

Now when I say it’s the presentation that makes this romantic, just picture this. Make 3-5 different syrups. Put them in adorable little swing top bottles. Put the bottles on a table with 2 iced bottles of Prosecco surrounded in fresh fruit and berries and once date night starts, you can just grab which ever syrup you take a fancy to and top up your glass. A night of quick, easy, romantic cocktails. Smashed it. Below are some of my favourite Prosecco and syrup combinations. Oh, and top tip. To add a bit more romantic flair, try giving each syrup a cutesy romantic name for extra points.

5 Quick And Easy Valentine's Day Prosecco Cocktails

Valentines day cocktail photo

1) Cupids Arrow

100ML Prosecco

25ML Cupids Arrow syrup (Raspberry Syrup)

For the syrup:

Heat 500ML of water and 500Grams of sugar in a pan, stir till the sugar has dissolved then add 500Grams of raspberries and bring to a boil. Simmer whilst stirring regularly for 10 minutes then strain into a bottle and refrigerate.

2) Bubble Bouquet

100ML Prosecco

25ML Bouquet syrup (Rose petal Syrup)

For the syrup:

Heat 500ML of water and 500Grams of sugar in a pan, stir till the sugar has dissolved then add 100Grams of dried rose petals and bring to a boil. Simmer whilst stirring regularly for 10 minutes then let steep for a further 5 minutes. strain into a bottle and refrigerate.

3) Lady In Red

100ML Prosecco

25ML Red syrup (Pomegranate Syrup)

For the syrup:

Heat 500ML of pomegranate juice and 200Grams of sugar in a pan, stir till the sugar has dissolved then Simmer whilst stirring regularly for 20 minutes. Pour into a bottle and refrigerate

4) Velvet Kiss

100ML Prosecco

25ML Velvet syrup (Blackberry Syrup)

For the syrup:

Heat 500ML of water and 500Grams of sugar in a pan, stir till the sugar has dissolved then add 300Grams of blackberries and bring to a boil. Simmer whilst stirring regularly for 10 minutes then let steep for a further 5 minutes. Strain into a bottle and refrigerate

5) Love Struck

100ML Prosecco

25ML Love struck syrup (Strawberry Syrup)

For the syrup:

Heat 500ML of water and 500Grams of sugar in a pan, stir till the sugar has dissolved then add 300Grams of quartered strawberries and bring to a boil. Simmer whilst stirring regularly for 10 minutes then let steep for a further 5 minutes. strain into a bottle and refrigerate

However, if prosecco isn’t to your taste and you want something with a bit more oomph. Something with more mixology involved. Then below are 4 more cocktails that I’m sure you will like. If not they can at least provide you with the inspiration to get creative with your own romantic valentine’s day cocktails.

1) Cupids Margarita

Let’s face it. I cannot physically put together a cocktail list without adding a margarita twist. I just can’t. This one has the addition of hibiscus tea, the tart, sour addition of the hibiscus makes for an interesting flavour combination with the Tequila and adding honey really brings the whole drink together. Not to mention the soft red hue that the hibiscus tea gives to the cocktail.

Ingredients:  Tequila | Hibiscus tea | Lime Juice | Honey | Cointreau

Click here to view the full recipe

2) Pornstar Daiquiri

Nothing says love like pornstars. No but for real, you can’t have valentine’s day without passion. And this cocktail has plenty of that. It’s a fusion of two very popular cocktails. The Pornstar martini and the Daiquiri. Together this cocktail provides just the right amount of passion (Disclaimer. Passion means passionfruit. This is not an aphrodisiac… Unless you drink enough)

Ingredients:  White rum | Lime juice | Passionfruit Puree | Vanilla syrup

Click here to view the full recipe

3) Espresso Flirtini

Not the best name I know but give me a break. There are only so many puns one-man can come up with okay! Its an espresso martini, with vanilla and chocolate. Its flirty. Espresso Flirtini. I like it and im sticking with it. Anyway, about the cocktail. If you’re going to be up all night, you’re going to need caffeine. So, a love themed espresso martini will fit the bill no problem.

Ingredients:  Espresso | Vanilla Vodka | Chocolate liqueur | Vanilla syrup

Click here to view the full recipe.

4) Lady Lavender

A soft and garden-fresh feeling cocktail that’s sure to impress. The mix of lavender, raspberry and apple works well to create not just a tasty tipple, but also a calming vibe. Once you throw gin in the mix the party can really start! Your favourite gin will do fine, but I recommend one that’s quite citrusy.

Ingredients:  Gin | Lavender syrup | Raspberry liqueur | Apple juice

Click here to view the full recipe.

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