Against The Grain

There are many ways to add wine to a cocktail. normally via the addition of fortified wine, sherry and sparkling wine. rarely we are seeing wine in all its glory featuring in a drink. unless its Christmas, in which case, mulled wine galore! But wine can add not only sweetness, but acidity and flavour. and with the amount of different wines, it makes for all the more versatility. If you're lucky enough to live close by to a vineyard, try making the cocktail below with local wine and local honey. there isn't a flavour pair you will ever find more compatible. I can assure you that!


  • 30 ML Gin Gin Mare works well
  • 30 ML Chardonnay White Wine
  • 15 ML Lemon Juice
  • 15 ML Honey Syrup See Recipe Below


  • Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake with ice.
  • Strain out into a glass with cubed ice. I originally served this in a square glass, but truth be told. A wine glass makes alot more sense. I guess I just went through a cube phase...
  • Garnish in relation to the Gin. We used rosemary, as our Gin of choice was Gin Mare.


How To Make The Honey Syrup
Honey makes a great sweetener for cocktails, It adds subtle flavours which add complexity to the simplest of recipes. The problem is, its vicious nature makes it hard to blend. Turning honey into a honey syrup makes for a easier way to impact as much of them honey notes as possible into a cocktail, without having to add bar spoon after bar spoon of the stuff. it also helps with the consistency of the drinks if you're making more then one.
Simply Mix the honey with boiling water at a 2:1 ratio. 2 parts honey, 1 part boiling water. For example. Mix 500 grams of honey with 250ML of boiling water, stir well until the honey is dissolved and you're ready to go.
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