Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala lalalala. Its that time of year once more. And what are you doing for it? Are you throwing a Christmas party? Writing a Christmas menu for that bar or restaurant you work in? Trying to impress someone with a tasty cocktail? Whatever the reason that has you searching for Christmas cocktail recipes, below is a list of 10 to help. All are original creations, sure to make a tasty impact. So browse through at your leisure, and click the ones that take your liking. And remember. No Christmas shindig is complete without a festive tipple. Thats a fact.

1) Easy Sipping Hot Toddy

Nothing comforts you in winter more then a warm cocktail. And nothing more so then the hot toddy and mulled wine. We have both on this list. the first being the hot toddy. Its the apple we add that makes this hot toddy different. Spiced apple and bourbon is a classic combination. heated up makes it even better. So with Bourbon, Lemon, Cinnamon and Apple, the easy sipping recipe is a must try!

2) Five Past Eight

When some people think of Christmas snacks, they think of celebrations, or quality streets. Me? its all about After Eights. This mint chocolate treat adorns every Christmas dinner table where im from (If you're American this is probably aload of gibberish, do you guys even have quality streets?) Anyway, I couldn't put together a Christmas cocktail list without making a After Eight inspired cocktail. I've made sure whatever bar im working in has this cocktail on there Christmas menu and it always bodes well with the customers who have one. Easily a favourite Christmas cocktail recipe of mine.

3) A pear Of Nutcrackers

Nuts, Nuts and more Nuts. It aint Christmas without them. This little number combines the seasonal taste of nuts in your mouth, with the fresh taste of pear. Its also a good gateway cocktail for people who don't like bourbon cocktails. That's a good pair of reasons to try it, am i right? Okay i'll stop with the pear and nut puns now.

4) Candy Cane Martini

Is it just me or are candy canes going out of fashion? Trying to find candy canes for this cocktail seemed harder then it should of been this year. I went to atleast 4 different shops before finding any. Anyway, side notes aside, This lovely looking cocktail consists of candy cane infused vodka and cranberry. Don't worry about thinking you cant make this at home just because it involves a vodka infusion. its easy to do with little effort. you can start now and be making Candy Cane martinis by tomorrow. The Candy Canes are probably the hardest to find ingredient in this. Simple yet effectively festive

5) Christmas Spirit

If you cant tell by the quality of the photo, this is a throw back to last year. Its a riff on the seasonal favourite, Brandy Alexander. Originally made for a cocktail magazine we featured in. I also wrote the recipe in the form of a Christmas poem. Tacky, just like i like my Christmas decorations.

6) Law Abiding Cinnamon

Hot cocoa with cinnamon.Just how Henry from Once Upon A Time likes it. (If you haven't seen that, its a program, with a kid, who likes Hot cocoa with cinnamon... I probably didn't need to explain that) A Christmas cocktail recipe made in heaven. If you like the perfect combination of sweet, chocolate and spice then this will be right up your street.

7) Easy Sipping Mulled Wine

I couldn't make a Christmas cocktail list without adding mulled wine now could I. its a Christmas sharing must have. The truth is, i hadn't really been much into mulled wine until this Christmas, and take it from me. If its not your thing, you probably haven't tried the right recipe! Check out this full step by step to make the perfect Easy Sipping Mulled Wine.

8) The North Star

So this cocktail contains a few infusions. With infusion it helps open up a massive gateway to a whole different ball game of cocktails. If you like your Christmas cocktails on the stronger side, this festive Old fashioned will surely warm your cockles this Christmas. Just because its Christmas, that doesn't mean every cocktail has to be sweet and creamy

9) The Nutcracker

Yes, This is the second nut cocktail on this list. But its Christmas, and with so many variations of nuts the possibilities of different cocktails are endless. This peaty walnut cocktail is completely different flavour profile from the pear and hazelnut cocktail before. But i guess you'll have to just make them both to see that

10) Easy Sipping Eggnog

I love me some eggnog, so much so that it deserved its very own section. You haven't lived till you have had eggnog at Christmas.

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