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We strive to hit every aspect of cocktail making, from choosing flavours, to your very own, tasty end product. whether you want to know more about how your favourite cocktail is made, or better your own mixology game. Easy sipping is here to help. with an extensive flavour guide to help you find your perfect flavour pairing, and techniques from how to make a syrup, all the way to molecular mixology. To use the website to create your original cocktail, First decide on a main flavour, then use the flavour guide to find complimentary flavour pairings. Then use the techniques page to decide how to get them flavours into your drink. Then use the recipes we have as inspiration and a guide to create your own cocktail. Use the top bar to navigate your way around all these sections. See a few selective featured posts below.


Cocktail making techniques from basic syrups to advance molecular mixology...

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Flavour Guide

over 100 different flavour pairing combinations to help you create your perfect cocktail

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Our Philosophy

With Easy Sipping we strive to help any bartender, Cocktail enthusiast or drinks advocate looking to improve their cocktail game. with an extensive flavour guide, all things seasonal and our own cocktail recipes to inspire you on your creative journey.




Our Story

Easy Sipping stemmed from an Instagram account, under the name "Free Pour" Firstly, as a platform to share original cocktail creations, secondly, to inspire fellow cocktail enthusiast. After gathering some attention, decided to create a website to share more than just recipes. But to share tips, thoughts and flavour inspirations

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